Access to your OQUALIM space

How to participate to OQUALIM's plans?

The participation to the pooled self-monitoring plans is open to any manufacturer or bulk distributor of compound feed or manufacturer of premixes.

Step 1 - Choose the pooled self monitoring plan corresponding toyour acitivity

- Feed plans

- Supplement plan (complementary feed, liquid feed, premixes)

- Plan STNO plan (in addition to the compound feed plan or the milk replacer plan or the supplement)

Step n°2 : view the terms and conditions

In each page dedicated to the plans listed above you can find all details about the plans, associated rules and the financial contribution.

Step n°3 : Register

Do you have an access to the OQUALIM's private space ?

Log on to your private space and register directly online by clicking in the link below.

Step 4- Once you are register to a plan, you will have to perform analyse by referenced laboratories

The analyses are assumed by the participant, costs are defined beetwen the participant and the laboratory.