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OQUALIM since its creation in 2008

In 2018, Ludovic Michel, chairman of OQUALIM said in his edito :

The OQUALIM association has come a long way from its launch 10 years ago. From pooled-self monitoring plans to certification of factories, along with the creation of the different specific technical platforms, OQUALIM has been able to bring together and engage all animal feed actors around animal feed safety. Mutual recognition with international schemes is a deserved outcome, and also a new beginning. The inclusion of OQUALIM in the different sector plans compiled during the Nutrition General Assembly is also a real recognition of the work accomplished and the positive contribution of our initiatives to animal production. We need to promote our approach to the upstream sectors in order to highlight the fact that health safety cannot be taken for granted, but requires work on a daily basis. Thus, at our humble level, we contribute to ensuring that France is ranked 3rd in the world food security index published by The Economist."

OQUALIM is continuously enlarging its services with the start in the 2019 of the pooling of data outside OQUALIM's plans and the certification standard for suppliers of processed feed materials for use in the production of animal feed (RCF).