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New module - Sustainable Soy for Animal Nutrition

New module - Sustainable Soy for Animal Nutrition

  •  Certified companies according to the Certification Standard of Animal Nutrition (RCNA),
  •  Companies wishing to demonstrate compliance with sustainability requirements recognised at European level, the FEFAC "responsible soy" guidelines (version 2021).
  •  Companies wishing to be listed in the QS directory and who must have QS Soy Plus equivalence by 2024.
  • SDNA is a module that can be added to complement the RCNA,
  • The program is similar to the other OQUALIM programmes (RCNA, STNE, STNO). It is made up of a reference framework containing the specific requirements, a protocol containing the requirements applicable to the audit, and an audit grid.
  • The module is based on recognised schemes that are compatible with the FEFAC's "responsible soy" guidelines (version 2021).
  • The module was developed by a dedicated trade union working group made up of food manufacturers.

For more information on this subject, please contact

Eloïse Mas at La Coopération Agricole,

Morgan Balin-Caillard at SNIA,